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24/7 Contact: 0901-403-5839

Mail us: info@nfcpsabuzaria.org

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Ace Your Pharmacy Courses!


Disclaimer: This is an attempt to help and guide you. It is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.

Okay, let’s get right to it. I’ve got a few tips here which I believe should help you in your academic pursuit in pharmacy school.

First thing first, put God first because without God’s input, you can not actually make it. You would later come to realize that passing pharmacy school is not strictly by reading. This is because in many cases, the materials would be much for you but when God is involved, everything becomes easier as He can direct you to where you should read. God is the difference between your success and that of an unbeliever. You need good success, not just an ordinary one.

A good point to note is also that you have to understand yourself. Son of man, know thyself. Find out what works for you and stick to it. For example, if you realize you are the type that would need to go over a material three times before having good assimilation, don’t imitate someone who would just read the same material once. Do it your own way. Know the time of the day that you assimilate best too: whether during the night, day, early morning etc. This is very important because you need it to survive the school.

Very important point again is that you should find someone to work with. No man is an island. In this pharmacy school, you cannot do it alone. Find a friend (s) that you can carry along. It will help you to be more consistent and focused in the days when you have low morale. Whenever you are discouraged, those ones would encourage you to keep moving. In case you find something difficult to understand, try and talk to your colleagues that can help you either male or female.

Another thing is humility. When you pray, do your own part too but when you pass, don’t be proud. Don’t take God’s glory comrades; don’t be proud to your lecturers; don’t disrespect your ‘seniors;’ don’t look down on your colleagues that seem to be struggling.

I cannot overemphasize that you should start reading early so that materials would not pile up for you at the end of the day. In like manner, please take your tests very serious. When you take tests serious like your exams, God’s willing you can get good scores there and then to make good grades in exams will become easier for you to achieve. That way, you can get your easy and straight A’s and B’s. However, whenever things don’t go your way, for example if you do a test and it doesn’t go well, don’t let it weigh you down. Just try and keep moving so that it doesn’t affect other courses.

You should also link up with at least a direct “senior”, I mean someone ahead by a year, someone immediately after your class, e.g a U19 taking a U18 person as a ‘senior’.  In that way, the person can always give you orientations how the semesters would be for you from his/her own experience. At the end, I believe you would see that everything would be worth it. I hope these few tips can help you in some ways and get you closer to your academic goals. Take care of yourself by eating and sleeping well. And lastly, remember to give your life to Christ too. Trust me, passing without Jesus is boring.

Thanks for reading.

By: Emmanuel ABIFARIN

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